About Captain Ryan
Show Me Catfishing is a St. Louis based Trophy Guide Service, operating primarily on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  Show Me Catfishing has been featured on television shows such as the G3 Sportsman Outdoors in the Heartland and City Limits fishing.  We have also been featured in print publications such as In-Fisherman's Catfish Insider, Outdoor living, Outdoor guide and In-Fishermans' regular publication.   Ryan Casey, Owner/Operator is a very successful river fisherman, multiple tournament winner and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation and Wildlife Management
.  Show Me Catfishing is licensed by the United States Coast Guard and insured for your protection.  We use top notch equipment and abide by all conservation and safety regulations.  Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how to fish the river,  an experienced fisherman looking for the fish of a lifetime or learn new techniques -  Show Me Catfishing can get the job done.  This is a service and We are here to serve you.  Remember to bring a kid fishing! 

Why should I use Show Me Catfishing?
We put our customers on more big fish than any other guide service in the state.  This is all that Capt. Ryan does and he is out there almost every day to stay on top of the fish to make sure that you are spending your time fishing intead of lookingSt Louis has proven twice in the last 8 years that we have a world-class catfishery.  Two previous world records (124 lbs and 130 lbs) in the past 8 years that have come from the waters in the St Louis area.  The Mississippi River is abundant with trophy class blue catfish.   In 2012 we boated 52 fish over 50 lbs including 11 fish in the 60's a 71, 76, 77, 82 and a 95 lber.  Successfully fishing the Mighty Mississippi takes years of experience and trial and error.   To be able to consistently catch trophy blue catfish takes a lot of  practice and time on the water.
Ryan has put the time in and can save you the hassle of the trial and error part of river catfishing.  All the rods, reels and terminal tackle we use are top-of-the line and well maintained. 
We put in the time and effort - so all you have to do is reel 'em in! 

 When is the best time to go?
That is a great question, the short answer is ANY TIME!  The long answer is that it just depends on you.  We can catch fish all year long.  The only month we try to shy away from is June because the catfish are spawning at this time.  They can be caught but are unreliable and have lockjaw most of the time.  Spring is an excellent trophy fish time.  The catfish are coming out of their wintering holes and are hungry!  They gorge all the way to the June spawn.   Summer is the best time for numbers.  At this time they are scattered and wandering.  They feed indiscriminatly at different times of the day.  Fall is another trophy fish time.  The river is cooling down and the catfish know its time to gorge again before they go back to their winter holes.  Now...Winter time.  Winter is a very productive time for Blues.  They are holed up in big numbers in deep slack water somewhere out of the current.  They are cold and slow moving but they still have to eat!  When you do find a school of wintering catfish - Hang On!  Here is an example of a wintering hole.  Notice the water temp...     
                                                                            MOUSE OVER TO ENLARGE

How do you fish on the river?
Well that actually depends on the time of year.  From around the middle of November to the end of March the preferred method is locating a school of catfish in a particular "hole" and anchoring the boat above them.  We then cast all the rods out the back of the boat put them in the rod holders and wait for one to bend in half!
The second method is one that we use during the summer months when the catfish aren't so much "holed" up but are scattered and wandering.  It is called drifting and can be very exciting.  We will drift down the river with the current, controlling our speed and direction with a trolling motor,  bumping your bait up and down on the bottom.   You might want to hold on tight because they hit like a freight train!  We can do this right in front of the arch all summer long.

What should I bring?
All you need to bring is a lunch or something to snack on and a current Missouri or Illinois fishing license and don't forget the sunscreen. We have life vests in L and XL adult sizes.  If you bring a child with you, you will need to bring the appropriate size life vest for them.  Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. The temperature on the water will be a few degrees higher or lower than stated on forecast.  

Where do we meet for the trip?
Here is a list of the ramps we use with a link on each one to area info. 
One of us will be at the ramp with boat in the water ready to go when you arrive.


What will we use for bait?
Well,  you have heard stories of people catching catfish on things like bubble gum, beef jerky, hot dogs, bare hooks, etc...  If it were only that easy!  Truth be told you can catch small channel cats on that type of bait but we are targeting Trophy Blue Catfish.  The bait of choice is cut skipjack herring.  We have skipjack in our area but they tend to be smaller than we like.  We travel down south to KY or TN at certain times of the year to catch the 1-2lb skipjacks that are better suited to use for big fish.  We also use fresh shad or mooneye that are caught here on the river in a cast net.  Depending on the size of the shad or mooneye we use them whole. You wont find any liver or hot dogs in the boat!
                                                             Skipjack HerringShad Mooneye                                      
                                                                              Skipjack                       Shad                            Mooneye            

Even though I do most of my fishing during the day I do go out at night when the weather is hot.  I have caught fish in all moon phases and cant really say from experience which one was the best.  I know it is nice to go out on a full moon because of the light advantage.  The river stage and time of year always plays a major role in how the fish act too.  Night trips will be available with Show Me Catfishing but we will limit the trip to two passengers for safety reasons.  Rick